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Review: Wildcraft Bouldering Crashmat

The Wildcraft Bouldering Crashmat is among a handful of basic gear for bouldering that has really made a mark in the Indian climbing scene. In fact, the Wildcraft Bouldering Crash mat is the only one that is widely available through the length and breadth of the nation. Considered in this section are the pros and cons of the product to help you make an educated choice while going gear shopping.


They say, the bigger the better. With a 15 inch height and 39 inch width, the Wildcraft Bouldering Crashmat really stands out. Being one of the few ample bodied mats available in India.

  1. The mat is divided into two halves through a central gutter, making it easy to fold and hence, the pad can be comfortably carried on your back

  2. 4 inches of open and closed celled foam combined, makes it safe to crash on

  3. The outer cover on this basic gear for bouldering also has zippers, which make it really easy to change the foam once it is damaged

  4. The covers are made of polyester which can repel little water spills and dirt. Making the cover easier to clean

  5. The outer pocket is big enough(15-20 ltr) to carry anything you would possibly need to carry on your bouldering trip


  1. They say with great size comes (great responsibility) or just more weight. The size of the mat makes it a little difficult to carry the mat through narrow passages and trails

  2. The plastic buckle on the closure system can get easily damaged; by accidental steps during climbing sessions

  3. This mat doesn’t come with a rug to wipe your feet before starting the climb

  4. The central gutter can attract rocks, ruining the outer cover due to abrasion

Final Word

Size has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you can handle the bulk you would definitely have something better to fall upon. Available for around Rs.6000 the mat proves its worth. However, it could have been nicer with a feet wiping rug. Our verdict is that it’s a good buy overall.


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