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About Us


4Play was born when our marketing and sport expertise came together to create epic content. We are athletes first and creators second. Nothing gets our heart pumping like ice-climbing a frozen waterfall or traveling across the country searching for unknown places.





Its been over a decade since he took to the outdoors. He has backpacked across various landscapes in the country to explore the Indian outdoor scene. Manali lured him in by offering accessible adventures not far from his backyard.

Logical it was for him to then marry his love for marketing with his love for the outdoors and so the idea of 4play was initiated.

His vision is to make the best in outdoor sport and lifestyle content, with an Indian flavour.

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With a formal (read expensive) degree in marketing and finance, Kshitij has now found solace in skateboarding. His experience wearing white collars taught him what not to do with his life.

4Play is where he merges his love for film-making, advertising and sports. A blessed life.

Now he loves what he does, which is to shape the creative vision of 4Play and work with like-minded people.

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The most eclectic human to walk into 4Play. Anuj loves everything that has anything to do with food, Bollywood and motorcycles.
He once hitchhiked across India without a single rupee on his body, which he bared when he lived on nothing more than coconut water for an entire month.
His primary driving force is connecting with people and immersing himself in rich cultural experiences.

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