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Above 14,000 Feet: Episode 3 – The Eagles

American climbers Jeff Shapiro and Christopher Gibisch came to Kishtwar in September 2016, in search of uncharted lines to ascend. After several days of travel through disperse means, the duo reached the base of the mighty Brammah II (6475m).

When they saw the South face of the mountain, the duo envisioned the route they would access to reach the sanguine summit of Brammah II. Due to warm temperatures, they started climbing early in the morning to prevent falling hazards. The pair reached the summit by dusk and basked in the beauty of the surroundings before making their way down.

The combination of the aesthetic setting and the electrifying factor of the climb makes it an experience they are grateful for. Two days and two nights of descending brought them back to the base camp where they deliberated on the account of their climb. They had managed the first ascent of the South face of Brammah II and named their route Pneuma. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]



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