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Chakkar Ghumyo – Art of Revolution (Freestyle Football, India)

Take a psychedelic tour of the city of Bangalore with Satish and the ball moving as one fluid organism through the dreamscape landmarks of daily life. Experience a refreshed perspective on urban living, celebrating the chaos of old versus new, of development versus deterioration. An intense experience of a colourful city, made more verdant through the eyes of the player. The sport of Freestyle Football in India turns into an art form, a performance. The ecstasy turns the world around, the euphoria of life, almost like a Bollywood song – Chakkar Ghumyo!

Freestyle Football in India has recently picked up heavy momentum. The credit for this majorly goes to Nike commercials back in the 2000s that featured the likes of Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Adriano – performing quick tricks with the football between matches or in locker rooms. Though there was adequate exposure to freestyle football for most players in India, there were not the means to develop the sport. Consequently, budding freestylers in India majorly depended on YouTube videos for developing their freestyle skills.

 The one and only principle that governs freestyle football, globally, recognises the simple fact that all you need is a ball. Walk with Satish, one of the best Freestyle Footballer in Karnataka as he traverses Bangalore with just this one companion, exploring the possibilities of man and ball, pushing physical limits of balance and coordination. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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