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Para BASE Jump (India) Ft. Aishwarya Yadav

Para BASE Jumping in India is relatively new and not many can muster up the courage to jump off a paraglider with a 50-50 chance that the parachute will open in time. If you are a BASE jumping fan and have been consuming BASE jumping videos from the west, the wait is over. 4Play brings to you some extreme BASE jumping videos.

In this video Aishwarya Yadav, a seasoned BASE jumper and para gliding pilot, jumps off a paraglider in air. When one might feel, that he might just hit the ground, he opens up his canopy. The video supports the use of right gear or BASE jumping equipment and security measures but it does encourage going beyond limits on the side.

So even after the defying risks what makes people take up this extreme sport? How do they gather the nerves to do it? Is it even worthwhile after all?

This base jumping video where two daredevils base jump from a building at 1 a.m in the night, with no electricity, landing in the middle of a road shows us how these madcaps relish from the experience and how those 6 seconds are worth risking their life. Watch them share their excitement of making it through.


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