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Woodland has always been a brand that loves to explore the great outdoors, and we're proud to have been part of their journey! Our 360 degree digital media solution was so good, it even made the trees jealous. From creating digital ads that made people want to pack their bags and hit the road, to sponsoring adventure events that made even Indiana Jones break a sweat - we've done it all!


But that's not all, folks! We've also created web content that even Bear Grylls would be proud of, featuring the leading outdoor athletes that make the mountains their home. And not to forget our award-winning adventure films that traveled to festivals across the globe, making people everywhere want to shout 'Woodland, take me with you!'


But perhaps our biggest achievement was opening the first BASE jump exits in the Indian Himalayas, hosting one of India's first ice climbing festivals, and completing the first Indian ascent of Samsara is Nirvana - a 2500 ft rock wall in Kharnak gorges of Ladakh. We know, we know - it's hard to be humble when you're this awesome.

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