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Above 14,000 Feet: Episode 1 – The Ibexes

After a gap of 29 years, British climbers Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders reunited in September 2016 to climb the North buttress of Sersank Peak (6050m), also known as Shib Shankar, in the Indian Himalayas. Fowler and Saunders had last climbed together in 1987, claiming first ascent on the Golden Pillar of Spantik (7027m) in Pakistan. The impetus for a reunion expedition was sparked off by the French collection “Le Tribulations de Mick et Vic”, compiled and published by Chamonix based mountaineer Eric Vola in 2015.

Watch here, excerpts from an interview with Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders, and snippets from the expedition itself. The camaraderie between the two shines through, one motivating the other, inspiring each other to pull through, one step at a time.

Fowler and Saunders talk about the criteria that drew them to the Sersank Peak and the hardships they faced during the eight day expedition. Despite an initial bout of unfavourable weather conditions and a short spell of disagreeable bowel movements, the two persisted on, finding humour in the toughest of situations. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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