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IRONMAN Balancing Work Life and Play

While most would predictably take up well paying job roles after earning a degree at the prestigious IIT-D, Saurabh Aggarwal was still weighing his options. A chemical engineering graduate, still a bit disoriented about life, decided upon exploring a bit more before settling down.

So he started out, striking off one point after another on his bucket list. Travel and discovery brought him closer to the mountains, where he learnt about his penchant for adventure and pushing beyond his limits. During the course of the next few years he committed himself to education. One, of a very different nature. During this time Saurabh took up courses in Basic and Advanced Himalayan mountaineering, as well as trained himself as a paragliding pilot. Preparing himself to undertake arduous adventure travel over the prohibitive mountainous terrain.

As his self confidence and skill appreciated, Saurabh set his eyes upon loftier goals. Finishing the IRONMAN in Sweden (August 2014), was the first among such goals. He then made a bold attempt on the Everest via the North Ridge in 2015. The climb however, was foiled at 6400m by an earthquake. This however, did little to contain Saurabh’s ambition. In the same year he became one of the first Indians to finish the 111 km long course at the LaUltra (Ranked among the world’s most difficult ultra races).

Saurabh has recently co-founded FITSO. A mobile application which helps fitness enthusiasts track and plan training, connect with like minded people, and find other fitness related services. However given his exceptionally demanding work schedule, Saurabh still finds time to train religiously and stay in shape striking an immaculate work life balance. In fact, when we caught up with him, he divulged his plans to participate in the Half IRONMAN event at Bintan, Malaysia.

Watch this feature to learn, how this entrepreneur, athlete and husband balances Work, Life and Play. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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