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RunDezvous, a communion with nature ft. Dan Lawson

You long to run those distances but fail to gather motivation for running? Here is Dan Lawson, a great ultra runner, candidly sharing his initiation to ultra running.

Dan represents Great Britain’s Ultra Running Team and has competed in various long distance running events. He has also been a record holder, and apart from fueling his passion he works for a Non-Profit organisation in India called Oscar Foundation. Football has been a first love for Dan and he pursued it for a long time before getting in to ultra running professionally. Since the age of five or six he has been into sports and its been a part of his lifestyle even in his forties.

In this running motivation video, Dan shares some insights of ultra running that he has gathered with experience. He answers some of the very complex questions with utmost simplicity. If you are looking to unlock your inspiration to start running then he has got some tips for you.

Does the dilemma of progressing from a marathon runner to ultra runner vex you? Do you feel the apprehension of the sport taking a toll over your body? Do you get lost unearthing the reason of why you run? If these questions constrain your feet and limit your passion then you are bound to discover the best running motivation through this experiential talk. Dan expresses ways to get motivated to run and overcome the futility of undriven running!


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