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The Downhill Disco feat. Ajay Padval – Freeriding Native Trails

Downhill Mountain Biking, popularly known as DH, is an offshoot of mountain biking. It has recently started to gain popularity in the Indian biking and adventure sports scene. A relatively new genre of mountain biking in India, DH involves cycling down steep mountain trails, carving smooth lines, negotiating cliff drops, and surmounting natural or manmade obstacles along biking trails.

The rugged sport of downhill biking requires high physical endurance and months of training to build sharp reflexes and efficient biking skills. Conducted on purpose built MTB downhill bikes, DH involves wearing full face helmets and heavy padded gear to protect from serious injuries that may occur due to accidents on craggy terrain. Limited availability of gear, improper infrastructure, and lack of experienced instructors have added to the sluggish development of the sport in the country.

Nevertheless, places like Manali, Bangalore and Pune are increasingly developing upon the limited pool of resources and have become niche hubs of  downhill mountain biking in the country. With the advent of increasingly exciting and tougher mountain trails, downhill mountain athletes are developing their unique styles in the sport.

Watch Late Ajay Padval, as he shreds an insane line in his native land. An impromptu run turns out to be a killer one, as he jumps slides and skids with the agility of some sassy disco grooves. Experience the thrill of free riding through winding paths, styling jumps over protruding boulders, fallen tree trunks, and roosting turns over uneven terrain to the funky beats of punk indie band The Lightyears Explode. In the video Ajay can be seen finishing the run against the backdrop of the Pune cityscape, chasing the sunset through the dramatic biking trail. 



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